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Putting the spotlight on the Chamber and its members

Some time ago we had plans to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Chew Valley Chamber of Commerce, which were rather de-railed by the pandemic. But now things have got back to normal, members have been talking about what we should do.


We have come up with a plan to not only promote the Chamber itself, but also to draw attention to the amazing wide variety of businesses that are operating in the Valley, creating jobs and making their contribution to the success of the local economy which benefits everyone who lives here.


In addition to advertising, we will be producing a leaflet featuring a map of the valley and including the logos and locations of members along with some information about their businesses. It will be the kind of handy thing you can keep on the shelf and look up when you need some goods or services or view on the website


Meanwhile, our most recent members’ meeting at The Stoke Inn showed just how well our members are doing across a broad range of sectors. For example, Limeburn Hill Vineyard is entering its 8th year with its first 2-acre vineyard producing well and a second field coming into production. There is great interest from all over the country in the biodynamic wines they produce.


Joanna Tiley’s Estate Agency was starting its fifth year and looking forward to further increase its already large market share, which had resulted in them becoming the agent of choice for the Chew Valley.


Steve Egginton explained they were receiving so much material he had to put extra pages into the Mendip Times, which would run to no less than 84 pages in the next edition.


Orchard House was pleased to see that in addition to regular staying visitors who came to fish on the lake, they were receiving bookings from international tours to the South West. Guests were regularly pleased with the variety of food and drink available in a range of local hospitality venues.


Whether it’s book keeping, printing or high-tech engineering, our members are finding there is strong demand for their services.


For my own part, I’ve recently finished a major project, creating art on two large oak panelled walls for the new Lazy Lobster restaurant in Castle Cary. In addition to producing almost 100 fish and marine creature images for the cellar area, I have also painted a number of large works to decorate the upper rooms.


And I’m also pleased to report that Tintinna, the communications business I run with my husband, Ian, is celebrating its 25th anniversary, our silver jubilee. We set up as a partnership in January 1999, before becoming a Limited company a couple of years later. We’ve worked with a wide range of clients and are always interested in new projects.


If you would like to join us in Chew Valley Chamber of Commerce, please take a look at our website,


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