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Goats of the Gorge Logo (1).jpg

Member Name: Goats of the Gorge 

Business Type: Goats' milk natural skincare

Member Since: 2023

Contact Name: Daniel King

Telephone: 01275 474 162



In 2014, the company founder, Nick King, was diagnosed with osteoporosis and prescribed calcium tablets. But he was also advised to drink goats milk. After drinking 1/3rd of a glass of goats milk each day for 6 weeks he was taken off the tablets as the milk was working on its own. He still drinks it today.

Nick had a small paddock next to his house and he decided to purchase his own two goats. He went into breeding and ended up with a herd of 24.


After more research he found goats' milk to be a beneficial ingredient in skin care, due to the lactic acid and high levels of Vitamin A. He had excess milk so decided to go on a course in the Cotswolds to learn the basics of cold-process soap making. 

After completing the course, he developed his own recipe of soap using goats' milk. Now the award winning family business has an extensive range of natural products including soaps, shampoo bars, lotions, skin creams, bath soaks and lip balms.

Nick's sons, Danny and Ricky left their jobs to join their father in growing Goats of the Gorge and together they now also manufacture a men's aftershave balm and natural lip balms.


In addition, they are the only company in the UK and EU to make Alpaca keratin soaps by extracting natural keratin from alpaca fleece. 

They currently supply more than 230 independent retailers. work with 3 distributors and have a partnership with Longleat Estates, supplying both the Safari shop and Cheddar Caves along with supplying English Heritage sites like Glastonbury Abbey.

This year they have been shortlisted for-

*Family business of the year award 2023 and *The peoples choice award 2023

Their mission is to continue spreading brand awareness, whilst working towards B-Corp status, remaining cruelty free and to continue using eco-friendly packaging to keep their carbon footprint low. They would like to create more job opportunities and to continue giving back to the community where possible. 

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