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A warm welcome from Chamber President Sandy Bell.

The Chew Valley Chamber has really established itself over the past few years and become a vital forum for the local business community.  


The Chamber has established strong links with local and district councils with Chamber representatives sitting on a number of district council working groups and committees.  We have also forged strong links with neighbouring Chambers of Commerce and business organisations strengthening the voice of business in the Chew Valley as part of the regional economy. The Chamber has also been at the forefront of local campaigns on issues such as Broadband access in the rural areas, local transport and infrastructure.


Members have benefited greatly from the networking and referral opportunities available the through the Chamber and these benefits can only increase as our membership grows.  Our membership is diverse and representative of the broad spectrum of businesses based in the Chew Valley and provides a forum where the local butcher and international airport can meet, get to know each other and help build a business community to be proud of.


The Chamber is committed to sustainable economic development within the Chew Valley but is also aware that any such development or growth must be sympathetic to the natural beauty and rich rural heritage which make the Valley such a great place to live and work.


We are always glad to welcome new members and to grow our local business network for the benefit of the Chew Valley community.


Please contact me should you wish to find out more about the Chamber or wish to join us.


With best wishes,

Sandy Bell

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