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Chew Valley Chamber of Commerce President, Sandy Bell, presented prizes to an array of talented young people and encouraged them to build on their academic success by playing a creative part in the workplace in the years to come.

Students from Chew Valley School had returned to receive trophies and certificates which confirmed the school as a consistently high performer when it comes to examination success. But the range of prizes also highlighted the breadth of achievement in non academic activities such as drama, music and sport.

Mrs Bell said she was particularly pleased to award the Chamber prize for entrepreneurship which went to “In the Hood”, a group of students who had produced the leavers’ hoodies.

“It’s always inspiring to meet the enthusiastic and talented young people who come through Chew Valley School, and in particular it’s great to see how they combine their academic studies with an interest in other areas, whether that is through the arts, sport or business activity.”

“The Chamber prize this year went to a team who provided more than 200 people with their grey leavers’ hoodies, which involved a lot of elements which will serve them well in the future, such as negotiating with a supplier, gathering in all the information, not to mention payments for the garments. They were so successful they were able to make a significant contribution to help subsidise the 6th Form Ball,” said Mrs Bell.

If you would like to help make a difference and join the Chamber, annual subscription costs just £12. More information about Chew Valley Chamber of Commerce can be found at

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