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Chamber in good shape for 2024

Over the last few weeks we have been receiving the annual subscriptions from members. It’s very encouraging for us volunteers who run the organisation to see so many businesses continue to support the Chamber and to remind ourselves about what a wide variety of people are involved.


There are those who provide business or leisure space, car repairs, building and window services. We have people who will sell your house, create printed material, advise you on your investment plans or look after your accountancy. The list is too long to mention every sector, but suffice to say that whatever you are looking for, there’s probably a member of our Chamber than can fit the bill. Have a look at our website for the full cast list.


Some are relatively large businesses whilst others are much smaller, but what they all have in common is an enthusiasm for providing a high level of service at a keen price. There are many advantages to using a local supplier. There’s a good chance you will actually know the people you are dealing with and they know you. You can’t beat the personal touch.


All those businesses create a local economy which benefits the whole community. Not only do they provide services, but they generate jobs, pay wages and allow people to continue to live and work in the Valley, helping to make it the brilliant place it is.


The Chamber of Commerce brings all those members together, providing a forum for them to meet together, forge friendships, exchange news and share information. For example, in recent months we arranged a meeting so members could get advice on applying for business grants and we were pleased that resulted in at least one succeeding in getting much needed funding for a development scheme.


We are always keen to hear the views of members on matters of concern and we can raise those issues with the local authority and our MP. For instance, there is a regular plea for better public transport to help staff get to work and for customers to find their way into the Valley. It’s a slow process but we remain determined to persevere and to provide our members with the high level of service that they offer their own customers.


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