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Chamber links could be a life saver


Since 1599 in France, when the first Chamber of Commerce was formed, the organisation has provided a forum for members to meet up, get to know one another, do business together and to share information.


We are delighted to continue that tradition in the Chew Valley and we have recently seen an interesting example of making linkages between members who are having to adapt to changing modern circumstances.


It started with an enquiry from Justin Taylor at Winford Ford, which is having to deal with more and more electric vehicles. They are very safe machines and although there is only a very slight risk of getting an electric shock when working on them, as a responsible employer he wanted to make sure his workforce were as protected as possible if the worst was to happen.


He had been looking into the question of suppliers of Defibrillators, which apply an electric charge or current to the heart to restore a normal heartbeat, and wondered if we had any ideas. We are very proud of the wide variety of sometimes surprising goods and services that our members provide so we were pleased to put him in contact with Clive Setter at HeartSafe.


Since 2007 he has been placing public access Defibrillators in secure, weatherproof, heated cabinets throughout the Valley and many local communities have signed up to the Initiative.


Garages had not been targeted, but now that electric vehicles are becoming so much more popular that has changed, so Clive will be speaking to other garages who are reacting to the modern world in the same way that Winford Ford are doing.


This is a great example of how linkages provided by the Chamber of Commerce can benefit both members and the wider community. The mechanics at Winford Road and other garages will be safer whilst HeartSafe has a new market to investigate.


We always say that whatever you are looking for, there is every chance that you will be able to find a local supplier. So, could I ask that before you automatically switch on the internet when you are making a purchase, just pause for a moment to check whether there is someone nearby who could help.


You will be doing your bit to support the local economy, helping businesses provide people with jobs and ensuring the whole Chew Valley community feels the benefits.


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