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Let's keep the Valley spick and span

Let’s keep the Valley spick and span.

All it takes is a bit of sunshine and you can’t help notice the number of visitors to the Chew Valley. The car parks at the Lake and in our villages are full as people come out to enjoy the countryside and that will only increase as the better weather arrives.

But something that lets us all down is the amount of litter I have been noticing in the verges and hedgerows. It must give visitors a very poor impression and makes it look as though we don’t care about the area. I can’t believe it all comes from people throwing rubbish out of car windows, I suspect most of it is blown from uncovered skip lorries or refuse collection vehicles.

The local authority does what it can to keep on top of the problem and I know there are occasional voluntary groups who do the best they can. It would be great to see proper sheeting used to keep rubbish where it belongs.

I am pleased to see that visitors are not only coming out for the natural environment but they are also buying goods and services. It’s not just the hospitality sector that benefits, but also the wide range of other businesses who operate locally. We are hearing from our members that the local economy is in fine fettle, despite the obvious challenges.

There are lots of small business groups springing up, but Chambers of Commerce have been around a long time and are a respected brand around the world. We are able to provide information to members, to give them a forum to meet up and socialise with other business people and importantly, to represent their interests with key people in the local area and the wider sub-region. By doing that we are active in supporting what they do, which has a benefit to the wider community, so that it’s possible to find most of what you need without having to travel very far.

By using local suppliers you also get the benefit of a personal service with someone you get to know, which means you can be more confident in the after-sales service. So, let’s carry on buying locally and doing our bit to support the local economy.

If you would like to find out more about Chew Valley Chamber of Commerce have a look at our website:


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