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New bus link is a step in the right direction

There are two pieces of good news I’d like to talk about which give us cause for optimism for 2021.

First, the lack of good public transport links has been a long standing problem for our members because it means staff usually need to have their own cars to get to work as do visiting customers. We’ve regularly called for extra bus services which would allow people in the Chew Valley to access the buses on the main arterial roads and also make it easier for people coming into the area.

So it’s good news that Citistar have started a new service from Monday to Friday during school terms which goes through Chew Stoke, Bishop Sutton and Stanton Wick to link up with buses going to Bristol or Wells just after 9am.

There’s no return link because it’s difficult to predict which buses people will catch for the homeward journey, and it’s a shame that it won’t currently be running during school holidays or at weekends, but it’s a small step in the right direction. If people make use of the service it will strengthen the case for expanding the concept and help improve public transport in the Valley. However, any new service needs time before people get used to using and trusting it and we currently have the additional problem that people are nervous of travelling on buses due to Covid.

The second good news story was the announcement that a vaccination programme is starting which brings us closer to a return to normal life after the pandemic. It’s an astonishing achievement for the scientists working for companies around the world to develop what seem to be effective defences against Covid within just a few months. It just goes to show what the private sector can achieve and the creativity they have knows no limits.

More locally our members are doing all they can to continue providing a wide range of goods and services for their customers. That is so important because it keeps our economy going and it means people don’t have to make unnecessary longer journeys and so helps keep them safe.

This will be a Christmas and New Year like no other but I would still like to wish you warm festive wishes and a healthy and happy 2021.


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