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Steady as we go

Despite what can sometimes look like stormy economic times, nationally and globally, the Chew Valley remains largely an oasis of calm. That was very much the message from members at our most recent meeting. It was lovely to get together in person and do what Chambers of Commerce have historically done, providing a meeting place to socialise, and in our case to compete at skittles and then enjoy a curry. But it also allows people to voice concerns, do business together and share information. That’s particularly useful as it helps us assess how our local economy is faring - and I’m pleased to say the story is mainly positive across an astonishingly wide range of sectors represented by local businesses. For example, the Vineyard on Limeburn Hill is going from strength to strength and there is increasing interest being shown in what they are doing. Demand for business units, especially small ones, is high and one member offering work space said he was fully let and was still receiving fresh enquiries. People operating in the world of computers were also busy and they noted a greater demand for cyber security after reports of skilled hackers targetting smaller businesses. The Mendip Times had been delighted with its latest 100-page edition for its eighteenth Anniversary.They were building circulation back up to pre-Covid levels, advertising was strong and they now had 700 distribution points. It’s approaching two years since the Chew Magna Pet Hub opened its doors, customers continue to flock in and they are celebrating their second award, this time for being the best natural treat pet shop in the Bristol area - with buffalo ears a top seller ! Visitor accommodation providers are also reporting healthy demand with wedding guests, workers and tourists filling rooms. There had also been a significant number of German, Dutch and Swiss people staying in the area, very often on their way to or from Bristol Airport. Links to Frankfurt and Amsterdam were proving very useful, bringing tourists who enjoyed exploring the area, particularly Wells and Bath. Book keeping remains buoyant and there is still strong demand for printing services, especially the production of signage. There was less good news from recruitment, where there recently appeared to be less demand in construction, engineering and manufacturing after two strong years. This may be a tell tale sign about the overall health of the economy. Similarly farmers were under huge pressure to make ends meet. I myself am busy painting art works on the walls of the new Lazy Lobster fish restaurant which will be opening before too long in Castle Cary, having done something similar in Chew Magna in 2018. It’s another sign of the success of our local businesses and long may that continue. If you would like to find out more about our Chamber of Commerce please visit


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