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After 10 years at the helm, Jim King has stood down as President of Chew Valley Chamber of Commerce and handed over to Rod Podger, the former Vice President.

The announcement came at the Annual General Meeting, at which members agreed enthusiastically that Jim should be awarded the title of Honorary Life President. Sandy Bell was unanimously elected as Vice President.

In his final Presidential address and annual review, Jim noted the highlight of the Chamber’s year had been the 10th anniversary event which had been well attended and had been much appreciated by all. He then went on to announce his retirement as President, thanking officers and members for their support and encouragement and he proposed Rod Podger as the new President.

“Over the last decade we have made a real contribution to the development of our local economy, standing up and making our voice heard when necessary on serious matters, but also remembering that it is important to have some fun and we have all enjoyed our regular social occasions, which I very much hope I will continue to do in the future,” said Jim.

On behalf of the members, Rod paid tribute to the work Jim had done over the last decade, providing the leadership the Chamber has needed and representing the interests of all Chew Valley businesses whenever an opportunity arose.

“It has been a privilege to support a man who is so well known and respected in the valley. Jim will be a very difficult act to follow but I will certainly do my best to continue the marvellous work he has done since he agreed to take on the Presidency, for example, by continuing our support of entrepreneurial activities in Chew Valley School and actually building even closer links,” said Rod.

Annual membership of the Chew Valley Chamber of Commerce costs just £12 and provides an unrivalled link into the substantial network of local businesses, providing an opportunity to meet potential new customers and cement existing friendships.

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