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Finding a way through the green fog

Finding a way through the green fog.

One of the biggest issues facing business as we start the New Year is the green agenda. Many organisations are declaring a “Climate Emergency”, but it is difficult to know what that means. In common with many people, our members are keen to engage with the debate but they are struggling to work out what they should be doing for the best.

You will be hard pressed to find any business people who don’t want to do the right thing. They have high moral standards and a vested interest in the long term success of the planet on which they operate. But it’s sometimes difficult to see the wood for the trees.

Where do you start ? You could approach it at the micro level, such as doing your bit by changing to low energy light bulbs. I personally have always been keen to suggest to shop keepers in city centres that they keep their doors shut, so saving huge sums on heating bills, and indeed cooling in the summer. But many retailers say that if they do that, customers think they are closed and so don’t come in.

Sceptics say tiny actions here will be pointless compared to the huge industrial activity in the likes of China and India. And there also appears to be disagreement among the scientific community. For example, is it better for the planet if people stop eating red meat, as some would maintain, or would the consequences of doing that be worse, as others argue ?

What I would really like is for our members to work out what four or five key initiatives business in the Chew Valley could adopt which would make a difference and at the same time allow us to continue to contribute towards long term sustainable economic growth which will benefit the whole community. It’s a tough challenge so wish us luck !

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