Farewell to an old friend

We have recently said goodbye to one of our members, Malcolm Pearce, from Chelwood, who has sadly died after a period of illness. He would often describe himself as a simple farmer, but he was very much more than that, with an endless creative enthusiasm for new ideas.

He built up a successful newspaper distribution business, followed his passion for rugby to play a big part in the success of both Bath and Bristol clubs, but perhaps above all, he was the most affable companion who loved nothing better than to hear about the successes of his Chew Valley friends and neighbours.

Malcolm was typical of many of our members who are eager to do more for the community than just run their business. We have a wide range of expertise and people who regularly volunteer their experience and skills and we are always happy to help link up members with people and groups who may benefit from their know how.

In fact, making links and passing on information is one of the most important things a Chamber of Commerce can do. For example, James Cox from Bristol Airport has been telling us about their forthcoming Careers Fair on March 3rdwhen more than 400 jobs will be available. Some will be full time but others will be seasonal roles, ideal for students or those who just want a taster of working at the Airport.

But another vital role for the Chamber is to represent the interests of our members. We did that with the Airport, suggesting they should provide greater opportunities for local providers of goods and services. They have listened to that request, even though it’s a tricky one for them as a lot of their activity is through national companies.

However, we are delighted to hear a plan to open a ‘Best of the West’ shop in the airport shortly that will stock goods from the local area, including food stuffs. We will be awaiting more details of this interesting development but it’s a great sign of local co-operation and the Chamber and its members have played their part in bringing it about.

If you’d like to join us in Chew Valley Chamber of Commerce please email tintinna@aol.com or have a look at our website – www.chewvalleychamber.co.uk

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